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Advantages of a Bread Machine

Before buying a more expensive kitchen equipment, I always think of all the advantages of that particular item and more importantly its usefulness. The thing that I hate the most is cluttering my apartment with things that I don’t need or use. So before investing into anything, I do a long research about its value, price, utility, time efficiency and health benefits. Therefore, this is why I am eager to share with you all my findings, because hopefully this will reduce your research time and you will be able to make up your mind quicker about buying or not buying something.

One of my most recent findings has been the bread machine. About a year ago, a doctor told my husband that he might be gluten intolerant which meant that he needed to completely change his diet. Without even waiting for the final results of his possible diagnosis, I started hunting for a bread machine with which I could make gluten-free bread. As you all might know, buying gluten-free bread is very expensive, therefore I wanted to make it at home in order to save money. I made my research by reading different forums, getting the opinion of different people, checking the types of flours that are out there and learning about the benefits of doing home-made bread.

One of my biggest concerns was not to consume too much electricity since a bread is usually done in 2 hours. But my boss, who already had a bread machine for 4 years, told me that it doesn’t consume that much considering that it works for a maximum of 40 minutes (10 minutes kneading and 30 minutes baking. The rest of the time, the machine is on energy saving mode, because the bread is just rising). He also mentioned that the power consumption is around 550 W, which is not that much considering that you use the bread machine every other day.

Another concern of mine was the price that I would pay overall for all ingredients of the bread. But I was surprised to find out that even buying bio whole-wheat flour was almost even with the price of a normal bread from Carrefour.

But the thing that convinced me most were the health benefits. With a bread machine you can make your bread so incredibly rich in essential nutrients. You can use bio flour, olive oil, and then pump it up with your favorite seeds such as: sun flower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, walnuts, raisins and so on. You can have a different type of bread every other day and play around with it as you wish.

After buying the bread machine, we were happy to find out that my husband isn’t gluten intolerant and that he can continue to enjoy the pleasure of eating whole-wheat bread. Since then, we are savoring every day our warm, crispy and fresh-baked breads. Our house smells like a bakery whenever we make bread and it honestly takes only 5 minutes to prepare the ingredients.  Another benefit is that we also stopped throwing away left-over bread. Now, we know exactly how much to make for the two of us and we finish it entirely until we make a new one. One medium loaf of bread is enough for the both of us for two days. Also, due to the many seeds that we use, just two slices of bread for breakfast keep me going from 8.00 until 12.00 without being hungry! So that’s another plus to take into consideration.

Practical Information

1. The bread machine which is mostly recommended on forums is Panasonic, model SD-2500. It was also recommended to me by most shop assistants. After using it for an entire year, I can honestly say that I am happy with it. I use the most basic and short program which is enough to make a good, tasty bread. It also has a gluten free programme which I have used and it works just fine!

2. I buy all bread ingredients meaning whole-wheat flour and olive oil at Dolma bio shop ( I get the seeds from the weekend market at Delacroix. They are much cheaper there.

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: Anamaria Olaru


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