I watched the movie Boyhood this weekend, and so my number one favorite movie “Revolutionary Road” passed to second place in my favorite movie category.

It’s hard to explain with words how many different emotions writhed in my body as I watched this boy’s life unfold before my eyes on the screen. The movie managed to soothe many unanswered questions about life, the hardships of growing up and the difficulties of single-parent family social problems.

In short, the movie is filmed over a period of 12 years with the same cast, therefore you see the characters mature and age before your eyes. The movie documents the emotional development of a young boy and the changes that he faces within his family. Boyhood is a visual photo album capturing the ups and downs of growing up as a young boy in this society and the hardships of parenthood. The 12 years are documented with such precision and objectivity, that the viewer who is omnipresent through it all, begins to understand all the emotional and thinking patters of the young boy. As a viewer, you grow very fond of the main character who literary grows before your eyes. During the 3 hours of the movie, you begin to understand the sadness in his eyes, the softness in his voice and his constant quest for the meaning and purpose of life.

The movie captures perfectly what it means to grow as a young boy in this society which is so quick at attaching labels and expectations to the gender. As a viewer it is hard to watch this little boy be a victim of gender labeling and stereotyping. It is difficult to watch such a young soul trying to develop and find out who he is in a society that has so many expectations of him.

What touched me most in this movie, is the inability of the young boy to understand the meaning of life and his inability to seize the moment. Those that have a difficult upbringing grow up with an emptiness that is hard to explain, an emptiness that gives purposelessness to life. It was hard to witness his struggle of finding out what the point is and to see others rejecting his desire to know more about the philosophical aspects of life. The movie pushes the viewer to think critically about the connections between an individual’s development and the larger social forces. Boyhood focuses on the single-parent family social problems and how much they contribute to a child’s development.

All in all, I really recommend seeing this movie. The soundtrack goes straight to the strings of your heart and complements the film scenes in a spectacular way. I promise you this movie is not your typical Hollywood movie.

If you get to see it, I would love to hear your thoughts! There is so much to talk about in regards to this movie.

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