Dear Coffee

Dear Coffee,

Even though we know each other for so long and we see each other every day, I feel the need to write you a love note in which I can express how I feel about you and our relationship which is now reaching its 27th year anniversary.

Yes, you heard me right! We know each other since I was three years old. My first caretaker fed me your delicious grounds when I was only three. It’s true that I met you earlier than we should have, but even so, I fell in love with you from the first moment I tasted your intense aroma. It didn’t take long for my parents to find out about the caretaker’s dirty trick and our secret relationship. Your grounds stuck between my teeth gave me away one day, and the secret was out. But that didn’t stand in the way of our relationship.

Soon, I was sent to my grandparents. But as you well know, our relationship didn’t end there. During these 4 years, I cautiously built a network of dealers who supplied me every morning with a bit of your wonderful and delicious aroma. In order to get more significant amounts of your sweet liquid, I had to work hard and play hard with my suppliers. I worked out my cheeky, little girl charm, I mastered the innocent, puppy face which showed no trace of having tasted coffee, I learned the power of emotional blackmailing and I worked out my affection to the maximum. Showering my dealers with hugs and kisses after receiving my drug of course, was one of my best tricks. And it worked like my charm!

Another thing that I worked on was my sense of smell. My dealers left you in different hideouts, so only a good sense of smell could have guided me to you. I learned to sense your hypnotizing aroma from very far away and to trace your every step. Do you remember our favorite hideout? Oh, how much joy, gratitude and self-satisfaction I used to feel when I found you there, standing behind the curtain, on the window sill. You sat there quietly, as your wavy steam rose delicately out of the coffee cup. The steam swirled its way right up to my nostrils and enchanted every cell in my body. The moment I smelled you, I knew it was going to be a good day. For one moment, the world stopped and I didn’t pay attention to anything but you. You, the center of my universe, you, the first perfect thing of every day, you…

I love it that every morning your silky texture caresses my throat as it runs down into my system and it embraces and enchants every pore of my entire being. You are the first to receive me every morning with the same aroma, same taste and same strength to keep me going through the day. You are that pillar, that safety net, that every day stability which I search for with all my being. You are the only thing that makes me happy when everything in me and around me collapses. You are the only thing to remind me that there is a reason to stay, before I’m ready to give up and exist. You are sometimes the only thing that makes me look forward to the next morning and want to get out of bed.

I love you longtime friend, with your aroma, your drops of milk and your delicate taste. I sense we’re going to have a lifetime journey together without ever growing apart.

Your friend always,

Chez Pinky

PS: for a healthy living, drink only one cup a day! 🙂 What is your special “drug” that makes life just a bit more sweet for you?


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