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Emotions in the wind

I added a new category to the Chez Pink Elephant website called Thoughts and Emotions in which I will share with you various views and feelings that I am experiencing. The idea of this new category is to create a communication platform where we can exchange our thoughts and emotions with the purpose of cultivating emotional connectedness. I don’t know about you, but I often feel overwhelmed by certain emotions that I cannot explain right away. Sometimes, I feel lost and I often wonder whether I’m the only one feeling this way. I think sharing your feelings and having someone else say that they are going thought the same thing, makes us feel more connected with the people around us and it’s a solution to feeling less isolated, alone and misunderstood.

This week I wanted to share with you an emotional process that has been persisting for a while now. The drawing which I made for this post describes best this emotional process which I can entitled only as “Emotions in the wind”. Basically, I am experiencing a lot of extreme emotions towards various situations or people which are changing very quickly. It’s as if I have a fast emotional metabolism which causes me to digest very quickly my feelings and move on from one emotion to the next. Lately, I’ve been experiencing a lot of disappointment and anger towards certain persons in my life. I often feel like I put a lot in relationships, and that I don’t get back as much. So, I often make radical decisions about  which relationships deserve an emotional investment. I seem very determined to cut out from my life those who don’t deserve my time. But then, a few days pass, and all that anger goes down the drain and leaves no trace behind of ever having been there. I forget about everything, my heart warms up again and I am ready to invest again in a relationship that caused me a lot of disappointment just a few days back.

I often wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing. How long is healthy to keep anger inside towards something or someone? Can you digest anger to the point that it isn’t there anymore? How long does it take to repair a broken heart or a broken trust? I often wonder as I cannot manage to hold grudges and anger towards people. It’s as if my emotions are always blowing in a wind of change, and they shift very quickly from anger to love, from nonacceptance to acceptance and from rejection to embrace. My ice-cold heart can melt so quickly and it can burn again within days with untainted love and affection.

Do any of you have a fast metabolism when it comes to emotions? How quickly do you get over things? How quickly do you forgive and forget? How strong is the wind blowing over your emotions?

Photo Credits: Anamaria Olaru


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