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Freecycle is the best!

My husband first introduced me to Freecycle Yahoo Group about two years ago and since then I am constantly amazed about this hidden treasure which I find extremely helpful. Freecycle brings together a community of people who like to give away things that they don’t use anymore. From objects, to furniture, to books, to clothes and even pets, Freecycle users share it all. But what is most surprising about this group is that most people share things that are barely used and sometimes even brand new. And yes, they are all free. As a beginner to Freecycle, this entire system seems a bit unbelievable and you almost feel uncomfortable accepting things that are brand new without paying or giving anything in return. But soon, one begins to understand that it’s just like any other recycling process and objects are given a second life.

In the past two years, we took many things from Freecycle like lamps, picture frames, books, magazines and many, many plates and cups which I use for the display of the food recipes on Chez Pink Elephant. This not only reduces pointless consumerism, but it also brings you closer to your community. I’ve met really nice people through Freecycle, who share the same values and whom you connect with immediately. The gesture of giving a stranger something for free and seeing them so happy about it, makes all the difference in the world.

Therefore, whether you are a newcomer to Brussels or simply living here and looking for something in particular, do not hesitate to join the Freecycle community. Also, if you are not using certain things for several years, think that someone else might be using it with pleasure.  You could make someone’s day by giving away random objects which are useless to you. Don’t forget: One man’s “trash” is another man’s treasure.

With this occasion, I would like to thank all members of the Freecycle community who have given me for free plates and cups which I am using daily for the Chez Pink Elephant website. If the pictures look good, it’s because they contributed in some way as well! Feeling grateful 🙂

Practical Information

To get on Freecycle for Brussels access the following link: If you live in a different country or city, you can access: The only tip I have for Freecycle is to check your e-mails quite regularly if you are looking for something in particular because things are given away very quickly.

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: Anamaria Olaru


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