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Home Spa: How to relax in 2015

Happy New Years to all Chez Pink Elephant readers. I didn’t write anything during the Christmas holidays, because I have no energy left in me. Since September I pushed myself to get out of bed, go to work, attend different courses, write on this blog, read, cook and then some. I feel exhausted!

I cannot say that I’m completely recovered after the winter holidays, but whether I like it or not, I have to start this year with strength and peace of mind. Mens sana in corpore sano remember?

This year, I want to learn to relax more and to appreciate simple pleasures each day. I wanted to make my home a calm sanctuary, where I can re-energize and reconnect with myself. Therefore, I started to invest in small items that would help me relax regularly at home.

Here is a list of items that make me feel special and warm on the outside and inside. I use these methods every time I’m tired, stressed or whenever I feel sad or anxious. These techniques really make feel like a child again. They make me feel like I’m back in the womb feeling warm and safe.

1. A natural rubber hot water bottle. My husband bought me my first hot water bottle and it’s by far the best present ever! I use it daily and I even named it Huggy. It is seriously my best friend and companion! A hot water bottle not only warms you up, but it can also relieve you from pain and give you comfort. You can use it for stomach aches, menstrual cramps, to fight a cold, to ease arthritic pain and back aches. Hugging or holding a hot water bottle can induce deep relaxation and a feeling of nurturing. It also encourages a restful sleep. After a stressful day, you can simply lie down with a hot water bottle on your stomach, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Trust me, sometimes this is all you need at the end of a long, hard day.

2. Self-massage tools. I love massages and I literally think it’s the best way to relax. Therefore, I bought a head massager. Using a head massager is not only extremely pleasant, but it can also increase the production of certain chemicals in your body, such as endorphins and serotonin. These will lift your mood and  and relieve muscle tension.

Second, I bought a tennis ball which I use to massage the soles of my feet. Rolling your foot across a tennis ball is similar to a foot massage. It increases your circulation and it works out tight muscles. It is best to give yourself the massage while standing up and rolling your foot forward and back on the ball. Stop when you find painful areas and let your weight sink into the ball to release the tension in that particular muscle.

Third, I bought a long handlewooden brush from The Body Shop. The brush is made with soft cactus bristles and is used to massage and exfoliate dry skin. Dry skin brushing is extremely beneficial and relaxing. It stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system,which helps you remove toxins from the body. Begin by brushing your feet and work your way up in long sweeping motions always toward your heart. After you are done giving yourself a nice massage, take a shower and then mosturise your skin with any natural oil (argan, coconut, jojoba, etc). After doing these types of massages, I feel ten times lighter and my body vibrates with energy. It is also a good way to connect with your body in case you have problems doing so.

3. Warm and soft blanket. Buy a really soft, fluffy, warm blanket. I personally love blankets. There is something so soothing and wonderful about them. I was lucky enough to get mine from a friend who even guessed my favorite color which is purple. You can see it in the picture. Whenever you feel anxious, sad, stressed or just cold, wrap yourself tight with it and let is hug you and nurture your soul. It is so simple, but it does wonders. Again, a blanket is such a good best friend material. 🙂

4. Activities that soothe your soul. Whether it’s reading a book or magazine, doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku, listening to music, coloring a mandalla or making one from scratch or watching a movie, try it all and see what works for you. Find the activity that relaxes you most and stick with it. Make it a tradition for yourself and associate that activity with the time you let go and do something just for you!

5. A hot bath. Unfortunately, for 4 years now we don’t have a bath tub, so I’ve been pampering myself only with longer showers. But if you do have a bath tub, I don’t need to tell you how you can relax your body and mind with a hot bath. Warm water will relax your muscles and bring serenity to your mind. Use essential oils like lavender to help you unwind before bedtime.

6. Tea. Personally, I would like to recommend fresh ginger tea, which is like a magic potion for your body! Boil a cup of water and then use a garlic press to mash a piece of ginger directly into the water. Let it aside for 2 minutes and then enjoy the spicy, gentle drink! Here are 15 health benefits of ginger.

These are only some of the methods you could use in order to relax at home without spending too much money and time. What methods do you use to relax? Let’s exchange ideas about how we can help out our body and mind unwind. A happy 2015 Pink Elephants!

Photo credits: Anamaria Olaru


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