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If not fairy tales, then what?

In my last post, I claimed that “Fairy tales are dead”. So, if we don’t read fairy tales to children, what do we read? How do we develop the creativity and imagination of children? How do we help them in perceiving themselves and the world around them in a positive way?

Well, I wouldn’t have claimed that fairy tales are dead, if we didn’t have greater alternatives instead. If you wish, you can read fairy tales, but I think that there are so many new books out there that could bring so much more to a child. Plus, these are books that can help the parents as well in explaining certain “delicate” topics to their children.

After I launched this blog, a friend of mine recommended me to check out the website “A mighty girl”. What I discovered there, was an endless amount of resources that help parents in developing clever, self-aware and confident children that are ready to face the world with full force.

As I mentioned before, I am not a parent, but there isn’t one day that goes by that I don’t read about child psychology and child development. There isn’t one single day when I don’t think about what I will read to them and what games I will play with them. So, if I’m going to be a parent, here are the books that I plan to read:

Read to your child about adventure and courage:

The wonderful wizard of ozThe adventures of Pippi LongstockingThe adventures of a south pole pig, or Charlotte’s web

Read to your child about confidence and self-love.

I like myselfWhat I like about me

Read to your child about feelings that are strange to explain and what to do with them.

I’m bored, Delia’s dull day 

Read to your child about his/her fears. Teach them to see their fears in a playful way and make them feel secure in regards to monsters, nightmares, insects or anything that might cause them fear.  

Timothy’s Tottle’s Terrific Dream

Teach your child about his/her body. If you don’t know how to say it, these books can!

Amazing you, Who has what 
Teach your child about sexual abuse and how it’s not ok! These books teach very young children about physical and social boundaries.

Your body belongs to you, Those are MY private parts 

Teach your child about where babies come from.

It’s not the stork 

Read to your child about unconventional families in order to broaden their mind about the fact that we are all different and that’s ok! Also, read to your child international child stories. The more they hear different names and different traditions, the less they are likely to judge their multicultural school colleagues.

A tale of two daddies, We are all born free 

Teach them about meaningful social issues. Instead of reading them about Snow White, why not read to them a true story such as:

The life of Helen Keller, I am Rosa Parks

If you know any good books, please recommend them below. I am eager to find out your suggestions.



  • Anne Speckhard July 13, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Thanks Anamaria for this nice mention of our new book Timothy Tottle’s Terrific Dream. I wanted to write children’s books that address common fears and help children grapple with them in a safe and wholesome way–not like the books I read as a child which were a bit bizarre looking back…Timothy notices that the water disappears down the drain and being unsure if he too can morph size and shape as the water does he dreams about it that night. HIs mother is right down the hall and welcomes her in bed the next morning when he tells her his dream adventure and she of course reassures him that dreams can be fun adventures that we take at will….Another Timothy Book should be coming this Fall!! Enjoy.

    • anamaria July 13, 2014 at 8:15 pm

      That’s exactly it Anne! And since you’re a psychologist you know exactly what should be mentioned to children and how. I read the book when I came to Greece and I thought that the vocabulary was very rich. So, there are many things to learn from it! Can’t wait for the second one! How did you choose the name Timothy Tottle? Is there a story behind it?

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