Language Conversation Table

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The language conversation table is a social network where people learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in different languages. For the moment, Chez Pink Elephant provides conversation tables only in English. In each session, we will provide you with a set of questions on a particular theme and we will discuss with the purpose of practicing how to express oneself in a foreign language.  

Practical details

Where: The language conversation table is organized in Brussels, Belgium (Schaerbeek area)

When: From Monday to Friday, from 19.00 until 21.00

Language: English

Price: To join it costs 35 euros per year, and you will benefit from an hour session each week.

Timing: The discussions last for 1 h

Whom: These workshops are recommended to adults and children. They are organized for anyone who wants to practice their English. Only 4 persons are accepted per session.

How do you register: You need to write an e-mail to olaru(a) mentioning that you would like to register to the language conversation table. You must register one week in advance.

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