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Le Creuset- A man’s best friend

As mentioned in my previous post, before investing into any expensive item for the house, I always make sure to have a list of the advantages of that item. I also make sure that the price is relevant to the quality and longevity of that object. Also, when it comes to the kitchen, I also look very much into time efficiency. Since I don’t have too much time to cook, I try to facilitate my work with cookware that is useful and pragmatic.

And to tell you the truth, buying a Creuset was one of the easiest decisions that I’ve ever made when it came to buying something for the kitchen. The main reason why I’m described as being cheap by most people is because I hate investing in things that don’t have a long lifespan. This is why I am not a big fan of buying clothes, shoes and other things which get ruined very quickly and require lots of care. But I have no problem investing in things that I know will be there for a long time and I don’t have to worry permanently about handling them with care.

Therefore, deciding to buy a Creuset was a piece of cake. First of all, the Creuset has a lifetime guarantee. Honestly, it is the type of equipment which can be still used by your grandchildren. Second of all, enameled cast iron is a remarkable material that doesn’t require very strict care in handling. For centuries, cast iron has been recognized as one of the best materials for cookware that can be used for almost any recipe, delicate or robust: soups, roasts, gills, rice dishes, casseroles and baked recipes such as desserts, cakes, quiches and breads. It also doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals that can slip in your food due to high heating, such as Tefal.

The Creuset produces wonderful aromas and flavors and contributes to a healthy diet by optimizing the preservation of nutrients in your food. It also saves energy because your food is cooked much faster at low or medium heating. Also, the ability to retain heat efficiently is incredible. Sometimes, I find the food warm 1 hour after turning off the heating… It’s incredible.

After buying the Creuset, I must say that I use it 90% of the time in my cooking. I gave up using all my other pans and now I am certain that I want to buy at least 1 more and basically replace all my other cookware. I even used it for making French fries and they turned out amazing! So you can pretty much use it for anything even frying.

Practical Information

1. I bought my Creuset at INNO during Christmas sales. The Creuset which you see in the picture was 115 Euros and it’s an original. Therefore, I suggest buying them during sales, but please make sure that it’s an original. There are many fakes out there which are below 70 euros. It should always come with a certificate proving that it’s a real Creuset.

2. I don’t recommend nonstick Creusets. Nonstick pans are known for containing dangerous chemicals and they need a lot of care in order not to scratch them. With a normal Creuset, you don’t need to worry about that.

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: Anamaria Olaru


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