Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table!

For the ones that haven’t seen yet the movie, I really recommend seeing ’Les garçons et Guillaume à table’’, an inspiring French comedy with deep psychological reflections. The movie is about a man who tells his journey of self-discovery and how he manages to define himself and his sexual orientation despite his difficult upbringing. The movie is even more interesting, knowing that it’s based on a true story performed by the character himself (Guillaume Gallienne).

The movie starts off as a pure comedy, a bit silly at times, but yet intriguing to the viewer who is tempted from the beginning to label the main character. Is he a boy or a girl? Is he homosexual, bisexual or transsexual? As the movie continues, and the character comes closer to discovering his sexual orientation and his true self, the viewer starts to understand that this is indeed not only a difficult journey, but also a very confusing one. The twist at the end of the movie is absolutely priceless as the viewer finally understands how dangerous labels can be and how much more difficult they can make the process of self-discovery. Once the character comes to terms with his identity, the viewer feels a sense of relieve that the man can be finally put into a box, but feels guilty to discover that it is actually due to this box that the character suffered from so much distress and confusion.

The movie also touches upon the strong bond that can exist between a child and his mother and how important it is to be able to separate oneself from the expectations of the loved ones.

All in all, this is a movie about self-discovery in a world that loves labels and putting people in boxes. It is a movie that encourages us to look inside ourselves and see the true “animal” inside of us. The performance of Guillaume Gallienne’s is absolutely impressive as he successfully manages to disclose such a difficult, emotional and rather unusual life story through a comic lens.


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