As you all know by now, Chez Pink Elephant exists not only to help you create a balance between your body and soul, but also it strives to help you connect with yourself and others. As mentioned in my intro, Chez Pink Elephant is a safe place to fall for those looking to reach self-actualization by shaping themselves and the world around them.

Until now, I’ve talked about several social networks which I find extremely useful, dynamic and interactive. So far, I’ve mentioned FreeCycle, which brings together a community of people who like to give away things that they don’t use anymore. I also wrote about the AntiHeros and the FuckUp Nights organized in Brussels where entrepreneurs talk about their biggest business failures and share best practices with the crowd.

I like to recommend these networks because I think that in our society people are building more and more walls instead of bridges. There are so many people out there who don’t feel connected to the world, to the values of the people around them and end up thinking that they are alone in their thoughts, feelings and behavior. But if you take that leap of faith and get the courage to look behind that big, gray wall, you might actually find a great community of people who think and feel similarly to you and are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

I felt many times a disconnection with the people around me when it came to my project Chez Pink Elephant. I didn’t have anyone around me who started their own project, nobody who could advise me on how I could improve things, nobody to share my ideas with and mainly nobody who was going through the same thing. I started to talk less and less about my projects and whenever I brought them up, I was reminded that I think too much and that I should take things easy.

Bit by bit, Chez Pink Elephant became my own private, personal project that I would mainly keep between myself and my significant other. But luckily, this didn’t last very long due to another great community which I stumbled upon just last week.

During the Destroy Your Idea workshop which was organized by the AntiHeros association, I’ve met some great people from the MakeSense community. MakeSense is a network which brings together social entrepreneurs and helps them develop and scale their projects by simply connecting them. Together, these individuals try to find solutions to society’s most pressing problems, exchange ideas, find solutions and help each other implement them. The only way I can describe this community is like a virus that spreads so fast because it just makes sense! It didn’t take more than two people to tell me what this is about and I immediately wanted to be part of it.

The enthusiasm, the interesting ideas, the energy and skills of communication are simply contagious. When I met this new group of people, I had very little confidence in my project, I had no specific desire to share my idea, and I felt isolated in the thought of making this world a better place. Just in a few hours of fruitful interactions, I left with tones of ideas, with confidence in my project and most importantly with a boost of enthusiasm to continue! I wanted to continue because I saw that there were others like me trying to change things in this world which seems so static at times. I left enthusiastic because I was impressed to see so many young people taking on such challenging projects that are only meant to make the world a better place.

What I found fascinating about this community is that there are no strings attached to being part of it. There are no expectations, judgments, rewards or demands. It’s just individuals trying to help one another by creating bridges of ideas. The people which are part of the MakeSense community decide to spend their free time helping others define their goals by bringing new and innovative concepts to the table.

So, how does this all tie in with the Chez Pink Elephant philosophy? To have a healthy mind, humans feel the need to belong somehow to the society, to a group of people, to be part of something. There are a lot of people out there that feel isolated and disconnected because they cannot find other individuals who share their values. Well, Chez Pink Elephant exists because it wants to encourage all pink elephants out there, that you can always find a group you belong to. The world is so big and various that the only thing you need to do sometimes is to reach out your hand and someone similar to you, will come and grab it!

So, reach out!

Photo Credits: Untitled, 1963, Collection of Randi and Bob Fisher, New York


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