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Ever since we moved to Belgium, we always did our grocery shopping at the Les Abattoirs, one of the biggest and cheapest markets in Brussels.  Personally, I love markets because they cheap and they have a wider variety of choices in comparison to supermarkets. In fact, I actually hate supermarkets. The order, the shelves, the labeling, the discounts, the preset concept, the marketing schemes, the music, the plastic, the cold alleys , the smell, and so on. It seems really unnatural to me that humans go in this indoor space and choose their products which are wrapped up in plastic or in cardboard boxes. All vegetables and fruits look like they are suffering from “hepatitis”… They are colorless, odorless and simply unappealing.

I love to go to markets and explore the products with all my senses. I want to be overwhelmed by the colors, the smell of olives, spices, fruits and vegetables, to touch their texture, to hear the agitation around me of people negotiating and inviting me over to taste different fruits, cheeses, olives and so on. Going to the market for me is an entire sensory experience.

The only downside of the Les Abattoirs market and other large markets in Brussels is that sometimes they are too big and they have so many products that you can spend hours looking for what you need. Moreover, since they import products from all over the world, they have many vegetables and fruits which are not seasonal. Therefore, you spend a lot of time passing by the pineapples, avocados and tomatoes, when its December… This also shows that the products are probably not so fresh.

So, last week, one of my work colleagues told me about another market in Brussels which is called the Marche Bio des Tenneurs. I immediately went to check it out to see what it has to offer and I was absolutely amazed!! This market will make my life so much easier because it has absolutely everything that I need in one place. First of all, everything there is bio and there are mainly seasonal products, which makes the place smaller and more manageable. All vegetables and fruits are extremely tasty, fresh and sold only in paper bags. Besides all the seasonal products, they also sell cheese, milk, meat, rice, pasta, lentils, a huge variety of seeds, olive oil, flour, biscuits, wine, fresh bread, coffee beans and pretty much everything that you can imagine. Before, I used to walk all over Brussels to get products from different places where I found them cheaper and healthier. Besides the market, I also used to go to Dolma where I bought the olive oil, rice, lentils, flour, quinoa and so on. From Carrefour, I bought the milk, pasta and other essentials. Therefore, now I am so happy that I found a place that has it all which is a major time savoir for someone who works full-time and deals with the early closing hours of the supermarkets in Belgium.

I strongly recommend going there and seeing it with your own eyes!

The address is:

60A rue des Tanneurs, 1000 Bruxelles

Opening hours:

Wednesday-Friday from 11h30 to 18h.

Saturday- Sunday from 10h to 16h.

If you are looking for other markets in Brussels which are closer to your area, here is a list of all markets in Brussels.


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