Resto Sol- Spanish delights

Many people want to go for a drink right after work especially on Fridays. The problem is that I don’t like to have a drink on an empty stomach after work and I don’t like spending a lot of money eating out in restaurants. So, in case you want to have a drink and order something filling, but not too expensive and still healthy, I really recommend the Spanish bar/restaurant Sol.

The atmosphere is absolutely delightful. They have a very warm atmosphere inside and outside they have a big terrace. The staff is extremely helpful and you get a home like atmosphere.

I always order when I go there these big, delicious sandwiches which are 5-6 euros. They are extremely feeling and very fresh. I haven’t tried any other food there, but I find it nice that if you order only a drink, they bring you free tapas. You really feel like they care about their customers and that they want to create a specific clientele. I personally feel very welcome when I go there.

The restaurant/bar is downtown, near Petit Sablon, at Place de la Chapelle, 17 – 1000 Bruxelles.

I hope you enjoy it too!

Photo credits: Anamaria Olaru


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