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The Healing Power of Mandala

A few weeks ago, I created a new category entitled “Inspirational Stories”. I wanted to create this space in order to share stories of people who have found ways to cope with life’s unpredictable arrangements. Life is not always easy and there are many of us out there who struggle to make a sense out of it. The more I listen to people and the more I develop personally, I realize that all of us find different ways to deal with difficult moments. In this category, I want to put together a collection of interviews in which people share how they found peace, guidance, strength and hope to continue their journey. Hopefully, whenever you feel down, you can get inspired by hearing the stories of others who found a way to feel in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Our first story is about a young woman named Esther Lafiebre, who uses mandala drawing as a form of personal therapy. I don’t know her personally, but if you take one look at the mandalas she’s draws, you immediately understand the richness and beauty of her soul. I was curious to know where she gets her inspiration from, how she feels during the creation process and why mandala drawing is so close to her heart. Below, she answered a few of my questions. If you want to see more of her drawings, you can go on her Facebook page or check the sources she gives below.

1. How did you discover mandala drawing and what attracted you to this type of drawing technique?

I discovered mandala drawing by chance. I was looking for something to help me relax and to fill my lonely hours. I started out by coloring mandala prints found on the internet.  Quickly, I realized that this activity relaxed me and that the colors had a therapeutic effect on my soul.

2. What materials do you use in order to create your mandalas? How long does it take you?

I started creating my own mandalas about two years ago. For this, I use a ruler, a compass and a thin pen (0.2 or 0.4) and cardboard paper of about 185 to 300 mg. The drawing of the mandala takes me between 2 to 8 hours depending on the complexity of the design. Afterwards, I color it with SHARPIE and PROMARKER LETRASET markets. Recently, I also started using acrylic paint which I also like very much.

3. Do you have a clear idea of what your mandala will look like before you start the process of creation? Or is the result a surprise every time?

I never know how the drawing mandala will look like. Every time it’s a surprise to me.

4. When do you practice your mandala drawings? How did they evolve with time?

I draw about 5 to 6 hours a day, usually in the afternoons and evenings. In two years, I saw a huge evolution. I always try to do a lot of research in order not to do the same thing.

5. Do you have a personal favorite mandala? And why?

Yes! My favorite mandala is the one that I am holding in the featured image of this article. It has a naive art motif with an elephant in the center. It was my first order from a young man that wanted to give this to his fiancée. I have the impression that all the love that he wanted to convey to her is so well captured in this drawing.

6. How do you feel during and after the process of mandala creation?

First of all, I draw mandalas every time I feel the need to center myself in regards to a particular situation or problem. I find that drawing makes me more intuitive, more relaxed and positive. During the creation process, I feel a lot of inner peace and after I am done, I feel a indescribable sense of satisfaction.

7. Why would you recommend it to other persons?

I would recommend mandala drawing to other people because it’s a technique that increases creativity and that brings a lot of inner harmony and transformation.

9. Do you use this artistic talent in your professional life or is it a hobby?

For the moment this is a hobby. I am self-taught and everyday I am learning new things. But, it’s true that drawing has brought me a lot of joy and beautiful projects. A few months ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a coloring book collection called GLOBAL DOODLE GEMS. It’s a collaboration of 100 artists from around the world. My drawings feature in the 2nd volume, in the Christmas edition. I will also feature in volumes 7 and 14. These books can be found on Amazon.

Photo Credits: Esther Lafiebre


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