Toukoul Ethiopian Restaurant

If you are looking for a new experience in terms of food and culture exchange, I recommend the Toukoul Ethiopian Restaurant from downtown Brussels. I didn’t know anything about African food before going to this restaurant and I cannot say that I had a particular interest in it. But after going there only once, I can say that I was completely charmed by the atmosphere, eating customs and delicious food.

The staff working there is extremely nice, bilingual and ready to explain to you the eating customs before starting your meal. You are encouraged to eat the food with your hands, by picking every bite with a savory pancake which is absolutely delicious. All ordered meals are put on the same plate which is set in the center of the table and everyone can taste a bit of everything. The first bite is always fed to the person next to you as a sign of respect and love and then you can enjoy your own meal. The fact that you are eating with your hands, that you are feeding the person next to you and that everyone is eating from the same plate is an extremely bonding experience. You forget about the formalities and you almost start to feel like one big family around the dinner table.

The only unfortunate thing about this restaurant is that the prices are bit high. I would personally go to this restaurant only for a special occasion. But keep in mind that everything you order comes with a side and the portions are very big. Therefore, you end up leaving everytime with a doggy bag.

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Photo credits: Nicholas Burhans


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