Workshops Chez Pink Elephant1The workshops organized by Chez Pink Elephant are conceived in order to encourage the idea of “mens sana in corpore sano”. It’s about showing you how to find a balance in taking care of your body and mind.

Art Workshops

I truly believe that art can heal our souls and that it can nurture us in ways that we cannot imagine. At Chez Pink Elephant, art is not about aesthetics. It’s about helping each other rediscover art and the benefits of having it in our lives even though we might not be blessed with an artistic talent. Our exercises will help you reconnect with your inner child and help you communicate and understand your feelings in a more effective manner. These workshops are recommended for those who are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or those that are simply looking for a new way to express their emotions. Both children and adults can register to these workshops. 

Cooking Workshops

The Chez Pink Elephant cooking workshops are meant to demonstrate that cooking can be easy and fun at the same time. During these workshops, you will learn to cook and try some of the easiest and healthiest recipes. They are meant to demonstrate that healthy food can be absolutely delicious and that it actually doesn’t require too much effort. Both children and adults can register to these workshops. 

Book Club

The Book Club is meant to bring back the habit of reading books and discussing them afterwards with a group of individuals who share the same interest. This club is meant to bring people together and connect them through the art of reading. These workshops are suitable for teenagers and adults.

Language Conversation Table

The language conversation table is a social network where people learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in different languages. For the moment, Chez Pink Elephant provides conversation tables only in English. In each session, we will provide you with a set of questions on a particular theme and we will discuss with the purpose of practicing how to express oneself in a foreign language.

If you are interested in our workshops and wish to register, please write an e-mail to

Photo credits: Andrei Ciufu

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