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The Chez Pink Elephant Book Club is meant to bring back the habit of reading books and discussing them afterwards with a group of individuals who share the same interest. This club is meant to bring people together and connect them through the art of reading. These workshops are suitable for teenagers and adults. 

Practical details

Where: The Book Club is in Brussels, Belgium (Schaerbeek area)

When: From Monday to Sunday, from 18.00 until 21.00

Price: Joining the Book Club is free of charge. You just need to buy your own book or borrow one from one of the Book Club members

Timing: The discussion sessions last for 2 h

Whom: The Book Club is organized for anyone who loves reading and sharing their thoughts on the read material. Only a maximum of 6 persons are accepted per session.

How do you register: You need to write an e-mail to mentioning that you would like to register to the book club. A month and a half will be given to complete the reading of the chosen book. You can propose a book that you would like to share with the group or I will give you a list of books from which you can choose from.

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